Ten Moons

by Bassline Drift

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Envision a euphonic journey through spiraling basslines, chilling vocals, and emotive lyrics. You have just imagined the unique music production of dynamic duo Bassline Drift. Together Rachel “Sink” Lindsay and Keli Marks create a deliciously potent blend of heavy bass music fused with organic world beats and hauntingly beautiful vocals. Possessing a timeless aura, the music of Bassline Drift juxtaposes both future and classic elements.

A stroke of fate caused the two to meet on SoundCloud last fall and they have been an unstoppable force of euphonic bliss ever since. While the two live on opposite ends of the country -- Sink in New York and Keli in Austin -- they thrive in co-creating harmonically dark and emotionally moving music.

Ten Moons is a result of a years worth of work done almost entirely at a distance.


released September 23, 2015

Artwork by Jake Wooldridge



all rights reserved


Bassline Drift New York, New York


Bassline Drift is an electronic duo blending heavy bass music, world beats, and haunting vocals.

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Track Name: Ten Moons
We've suffered
Corrupted hands and stolen aims
Maps we drew
Lost our way

We've suffered
You in the secrets of your heart
Our minds race
Long and hard

Darkness takes its time on you

Outstretch your arms in full bloom
The girl you took too soon

Ten moons we've climbed
Ten moons left behind

Everything goes dark for a while

Swept out
In twilight's unforgiving cold
Wash away
Facts unfold

Can't keep
The fear out
Feel the velvet in your soul
Left alone, unknown

Our hearts sing in one tone
Retracing the one we knew

Outstretch your arms to heaven's bloom
That light went out too soon

Ten moons we've climbed
Ten moons left behind
Track Name: Drink The Water Down
Drink the water down
Drink it down
Drink it down

She drank the water
And she walked along the creek
Till she
Dipped her toes into something sweet

The boys they beckoned
From across the way
Down on a bank
Where her heart would stay

She didn't know better
She didn't know better
Than to let innocence astray

Till she's down the rabbit hole

Oh, oh
She's down
Oh, oh
She's down

Run little girl run
Run little girl run
Run little girl run away

Drink the water down
Drink it down
Track Name: Into The Vipers Den
Kiss me
Love me
Hold me
Touch me

Here in the viper's den you don't see nothin'
Here in the viper's den you don't see me coming
Oh my darling I count one, two, three you're out

We're in the viper's den

If you lean closer then I might just bite
If you lean closer then I'll make you mine
Oh my darling I count one, two, three fall down

We're in the viper's den
Track Name: I Forgot My Life
I forgot to call
Tremble on the stone
Mercy comes and goes
Tethered to the boat
Heart beat slows

I forgot my life
Forgot my soul
I know it hurt

You forgave the dark
Forgave this sin
You let me in
Don't let me in, don't let me in
Don't let me go

I can see through you

From death lead us to truth
From death lead us to light
Track Name: Glass In My Feet
Can I trouble you for a cigarette, he said
I'm the kind of trouble you won't regret
My lips are stained, my stockings frayed
The crowd is taking names
It's in a dream, it's in my head, it's in my head he said

Let's go inside

Aim the potion away or
I'll be gone and dead
Getting woozy now
Just like he said
My kiss is free
His hands on me
Though I don't come cheap
Just for tonight, you are mine, you are mine he said

You're like glass in my feet
I pull you out
But I can still feel your teeth